My History of Community Activity

You can contribute to the history of our times by writing your own life-story in a fill-in My History of Community Activity book on archive quality paper. This project mainly appeals to people in their ‘third age.’ After purchasing a copy of the archive book, there is no further charge for participating in this project. Anyone who lives, or has ever lived in the UK, can take part.

Created in 1994, this project has already been valued by many participants. Completed books are returned to RUTH’S ARCHIVE. It makes sure that each book is safeguarded for future generations. How?

In 2011, RUTH’S ARCHIVE started depositing the original copy of each person’s returned and completed My History of Community Activity book in a public archive library in the centre of the country: Nottinghamshire Archives.

My History of Community Activity helps to alter the balance whereby history is usually written about us rather than by us. To assist authors, the project is fully explained in the book’s introduction: the fill-in pages can be used as each individual wishes. For example, some participants add photos.

Barbara Sharpe, former Principal Archivist (Archive Services), Nottinghamshire Archives, says completed My History of Community Activity books: “. . . provide a personal account of community life in the twentieth century and early twenty first century. Two of their strengths are that they have been compiled by people from all walks of life and the fact that, hopefully, they will be completed by people living in different parts of the country. In this way they will provide for future researchers a true cross section of experiences of our times.”

Please send your completed My History of Community Activity book by recorded delivery to :-

Principal Archivist
Nottinghamshire Archives
County House
Castle Meadow Road
Nottingham NG2 1AG

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